Which club have you joined?

Neither club is a good option. 

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When faced with a conflict, which club do you join? The White Knight Club or the Valiant Warrior Club? Neither are helping you!

Without conscious application of conflict management strategies, people's usual response to conflict fall on a continuum between two clubs: the White Knight Club or the Valiant Warrior Club. Joining either club is an ineffective response to conflict. 

Members of the Valiant Warrior Club see the conflict as a battlefield, and they enter with the intent to conquer it. The Valiant Warrior wants to win because they feel righteous about their pursuit. They are the victim because they have been wronged by the other party. They deserve to win, and the other party deserves to be punished. 

Members of the White Knight Club choose to sit idly by and wait for someone to magically right the situation. They expect a White Knight to rescue them and they might even actively recruit friends to take up their cause. While doing so, they justify their own inaction by telling themselves the conflict is not really happening, it's not that bac, they can wait it out, they aren't going to let it bother them, and so forth. Members of this club further justify their inaction by emphasizing the present danger of acting now and underestimating the damage that will be caused by not addressing the situation and allowing it to continue. 

Are you a member of either club? Or, do you bounce between the two clubs? Neither club is helping you get the results you want and both clubs are damaging important relationships. It's time to learn more effective strategies and leave both clubs behind. They are not your only option!

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