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Conflict at Work:
A Toolkit for Managing Your Emotions for Successful Results

Most people are not good at a skill that is critical to their job! Even when they attend training, their sill does not improve. Why? Because conflict is an emotional experience and not a rational, logical event. 

If your goal is to get better outcomes when dealing with conflict and you are like most people, you probably would appreciate some help in learning to manage your emotions. This book is full of tools that you won't find anywhere else. Put them to work today and begin enjoying the outcomes you want and deserve. 

Conflict at Work:
The Companion Workbook

Do you ever say to yourself, "The work is great, I just wish I didn't have to deal with people? " Imagine what it would be like if you could easily resolve inter-personal issues before they become a problem? 

If you are dealing with conflict, it's time to take action. Use the exercises to master the tools. Whether at work or home, learning to use tools not available anywhere else, will make a major difference in any relationship that matters to you. 

I CAN Speak:
Conquering Fear and Building Confidence in High-Stakes Speaking Situations

Are you stressed when faced with a high-stakes speaking situation? The stress response can be a problem for both your career and your sense of self-esteem. If your first response to a high-stakes speaking situation is to avoid it or freeze up, it's time to do something about it. And this is just the right book for you.

With the strategies in this book, you can show up to high-stakes speaking situations with confidence and clear thinking. You can mix and match the practical tools, according to your own comfort and style, and prove to yourself that you can be calm when you need it most. 

Using Emotional Intelligence in Sales:
Unlocking the Secrets of Your Subconscious

Regardless of your field of work, if you can sell, you can differentiate yourself. Success, no matter how you define it, is yours for the taking.

Customers now have more information at their finger tips and there are more communication channels that the salesperson must manage. Just knowing your product or service and filling that proverbial pipeline with contacts will not ensure success in the new sales environment. 

Strong emotional intelligence has always been a part of the effective salesperson's repertoire but now, in this new increasingly competitive environment, it is essential. 

Using Emotional Intelligence in Sales:
The Supplementary Workbook

Are you ready to take your sales to the next level?

Everyone sells but not everyone is good at it. If you !want to make selling so much easier than it is today, this workbook is for you!

Many people have asked us, "Why, after completing great training in sales, is selling still such a challenge?" After years of study, the answer is clear. The missing link in traditional sales training programs is emotional intelligence. These same people have discovered that when they use the exercises in this workbook, selling is not only easy, their careers and their finances took off. You can find out for yourself what a difference you can make in your own life!

10 Best Practices for Managing Remote Workers

Would you like a team in which every member is free to do their best work?

Are you wondering how to create that in this new, remote worker world?. 

This book was written for you! The business world has entered a new era, one in which work can be done almost anywhere, and this new world is here to stay. In this context, many of your old management practices still apply but with a slight twist. You might even need to add some new skills to your repertoire. The 10 best practices explained in this book, as well as tips for running a hybrid meeting, are easy to apply and will make an immediate difference in the productivity of your team!

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