Take the wall down!

They are NOT the enemy. 

Get on the same side. 

overcome conflict

Taking the wall down.

When we are in the middle of a dispute or open discord, we tend to see the other party as the "enemy." We don't see them as part of our tribe and instead, there is an imaginary wall between us and them. It's very difficult to have a meaningful conversation when we are on different sides of that wall. 

We can eliminate that wall or at least move to the same side of the wall by reminding ourselves and the other party that we have a shared goal, a mutual aim or purpose. Saying something like, "We both want this project to succeed," or "I know you care as much about the organization as I do," helps to change the perspective from "you vs. them" to "we." Clarifying our shared purpose helps to move both parties to the same side of the wall. This is a much better starting point for a healthy conversation. 

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