Dr. M. Paula Daoust

The Power of
Stoic-Hypnotic Thinking 

Get your Self-Hypnosis recording, your confidence recording, and 10 Stoic-Hypnotic recordings to make adopting Stoic principles easy and fun. 

In addition, download the Stoic-Hypnotic scripts for making your own recordings and worksheets for integrating your unique needs into the recordings. 

Stoicism is a powerful philosophy that can serve as business success. Stoic principles can make your work less stressful and accelerate your business or career success. The challenge is, remembering to use them. With these hypnotic recordings, you can easily integrate them into your everyday behavior. 

Use these recordings to:

Reduce your stress. 
Increase your productivity.
Build trust with your colleagues and customers.

Get Your Sellf-Hypnosis, Confidence, and 10 Stoic-Hypnosis Recordings, Scripts, and Worksheets

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