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The Ten Best Practices for Managing Remote Workers

Supervising in the New Normal-Remote Work is Here to Stay

Would you like to create the kind of environment that allows your entire team to do their best work?

Would you like to reduce stress for yourself and your remote workers?

Get your copy of the 10 Best Practices:

Understand what is missing in the remote worker environment that creates challenges for both the worker and the manager. 
Learn 10 simple strategies for creating a positive, energizing environment in the new context of hybrid teams. 
Discover seven tips for making hybrid meetings more inclusive and effective. 

The pandemic taught organizations and workers that remote work could be productive and it has freed workers from geographic ties, giving them more choices than ever before. The challenge for organizations is creating conditions that allows the remote worker to feel connected and committed to the organization. The price for not meeting that challenge will be unprecedented turnover. 

This book will be a major step toward creating the conditions under which people can do their best work and feel most engaged. 

When we know better, we do better. 

Maya Angelou

Remote Work

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