ICBCH Winter 2022 Resources

Hypnotic Conflict Resolution

Make your learning come alive with these resources. 

"Yes, but..." is the bane of all helpers. Your client makes progress, but 

- the growth isn't sustained, 

- symptom substitution sets in, 

- your client expands the original scope, 

or worse, 

- your client plateaus or gets stuck.

When that happens, it's time to dig a little deeper. There is a trauma or an unresolved conflict lurking in the background. 

Use these tools to help your client get the results they want and need!


Conference slides
CASH and CLEAN/N Job Aids
Conflict Resolution Hypnosis Script

In a relationship, if one person loses in a conflict, neither can win. 

Dr. M. Paula Daoust

conflict at work

Help your clients strengthen the gains they make with you!

Paula Daoust

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