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Conflict at Work

Two great tools for helping your clients find the results they truly want and need!

Stop treating just the symptoms and help your clients step into a new and better world. No matter what the issue, a sense of threat is at the base of their problem. Help your clients discover strategies for resolving that threat and let behavioral momentum do its work. 

The thing is NOT the thing - what your clients say they want isn't what they really want :

Resolve anxiety; 
Heal hurts;
Create safety and peace.

When the underlying conflict is resolved, other issues are easier to deal with or disappear altogether. That's behavioral momentum in action. 

Dr. M. Paula Daoust

Manage conflict

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About the Author

I wrote the book to end conflict at work so that you don't have to struggle with difficult colleagues anymore. You deserve a better work environment and between my doctorate in behavioral psychology, my training as a professional hypnotist, and my years of coaching emerging and C-suite leaders has provided me with a unique insight into conflict. 

Answers to your questions about resolving difficult conflict are here. You can put the tools provided in my book "Conflict at Work" and its companion workbook to work immediately and enjoy a better future. Tools in these two publications are not available anywhere else so be sure to get started by downloading your copy of the two chapters and worksheets offered here.  

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